432Hz Tibetan Bowls & RainSounds ➤ Enhance Self Love & inner Peace | DEEP Healing THETA BinuaralBeat

A world where humans Love themselves is a world of Peace. Self Love leads to Inner Peace. A person with Inner Peace has no need to start wars, unnecessary conflicts or talk shit behind other people´s back. This is Blissful 432Hz music with F# (Heart Chakra) tibetan singing bowls. Intended to enhance Self Love, Inner Peace and Unity Consciousness.

Original audio: “F# Heart Chakra Singing Bowls with 4hz theta Binaural Beat – by Sonic Yogi. Licensed under a Creative Commons License. https://soundcloud.com/sonic-yogi

Thank you Sonic Yogi for sharing your music freely!

*We have added sounds of rain and thunder to the original recording.